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It's like a classic drug rant, and given Downey's admitted addictions at the time the film was shot, it has the unsettling air of voyeurism. Directed and written by James Toback. Toback, whose own Wilt Chamberlain-size sex life has been chronicled in magazines, seems to be revealing more of himself than of his characters. I think they wanted the publicity. And, there's the rub.

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Tommy Frederique Van Der Wal:

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John McNaughton, who had trouble getting "Henry: The story is told through the experiences of a deathly ill British journalist Jeremy Irons ; his would-be lover, a reformed prostitute Gong Li ; and a wily street peddler Maggie Cheung. As it is, "Two Girls" is a small movie with some big moments and a lot of unfinished business. The MPAA is notoriously reluctant to discuss the inner workings of its ratings board, and it won't reveal the identities of the members, fearing they would become targets of industry lobbying and intrusive media. Tommy Frederique Van Der Wal:

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