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Quora UserStill haven't figured out this "brevity" thing yet. Yet they have no problem adding various "girl on girl action". Mass Effect - Normandy crew screw. If you have previous relationship with Liara, you can continue your romance. El's ME1 Complexion Tweaks. She's a very well developed character and her continuity from ME1 all the way to M3 is great.

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How come Mass Effect is not a TV series yet? Vannettethere is something additionally worthy of note with the PC version of Mass Effect 1. There's no official same sex romance options in ME2. However If you did not romance with Liara in First part, you can initiate a relationship with her in the Shadow Broker DLC and continue it to the second part. Kaidan with mod fShep: There's no same sex options. When are we going to get a male Asari in the Mass Effect series?

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