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We need new interpretations of female comic book characters; just like how their wardrobes have been reinterpreted in the X-Men films directed by Bryan Singer. Age the role 20 years, cast Kurt Russell, job's a good 'un. DC Comics has more censored and less sexy scenes than their adult Vertigo line, but that doesn't mean there aren't some graphic DC sex scenes sprinkled throughout their publishing history. A Billowing, semi-sentient cape, trailing chains, glowing green eyes and hell-derived magical powers. He leaves her in his house the next day to report the situation to the local police officer, running across his ex-girlfriend Taylor in the process. When Singer was thinking about making X-Men: Beautiful as Aphrodite, wise as Athena, swifter than Hermes, and stronger than Hercules.

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In the animated series, he's voiced by Townsend Coleman.

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Lynda Carter wowed a generation in the '70s TV show, while a animated film saw her voiced by Keri Russell. Poor fashion sense, middle-aged frustration, dour outlook and general whining. His successor Andrew Garfieldalthough an initial success in the role, was let down by a weak second instalment, The Amazing Spider-Man 2that repeated some of the earlier franchise's errors. Marston has been criticized for his bonding fixations — a recurring theme of Wonder Women tying up both men and women. In other words, femininity has no control at all, as long as male writers and artists persist with these depictions and attitudes. This iconic bunny with a blade was originally conceived as a human and based upon historical Japanese swordsman Miyamoto Musashi.

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naked girls in comics
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naked girls in comics
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