Big but women with large gap between legs

I am glad you mentioned that not everybody can have a thigh gap. Your skeletal anatomy is what largely defines whether or not you have or can get a thigh gap. Even small restrictions, like eating fewer calories per day, can lead to safe, gradual weight loss. Pull your core tight while you draw your shoulder blades back and lengthen your spine. Diet is a huge part of growing a bigger butt. Shopping for jeans is worse than the Hunger Games.

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Your thighs do not say anything about you.

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3 easy ways to get a bigger bottom and wider hips, naturally

Do this exercise faster to burn more calories. However, most women's bodies tend toward accumulating either muscle or fat in the thigh area, which can cause a closure of any gap. Dieting and exercise will not give you a thigh gap overnight — it is a long-term lifestyle change, not a quick fix. Add weight when you feel like your body weight is too easy. But most people do not have it and may not be able to achieve one, meaning that a thigh gap is not necessarily a goal one should pursue. I remember this was getting quite a lot of attention here a little while ago.

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big but women with large gap between legs
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