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Ino was hanging out with Shikamaru and Choji, Sasuke grew jealous since Ino was hanging around Shikamaru more, but Sasuke wanted her to hang out with him. There hips bucked against each other, Ino's walls began to tighten around Sasuke's member, she dug her nails on her sweaty back. Ino thought to herself then got up from the bed and smirked to herself when she looked down. Both females were aware of how angry the Uchiha was at the moment. You feeling like being the dominant one today? But when Sasuke finds out, will it be too late for him or will he have the chance to show how much he loves her. She was wearing a tight top and a short skirt that gave a great view of her legs.

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She looked at him and smiled, Sasuke had a smile on his face.

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Sakura spoke out while Sasuke couldn't help but smirk at her and brought her over to his naked chest. Karin's Worst Day 2. Then, suddenly, the woman dropped something and Uchiha Sasuke realised she was wearing no panties whatsoever beneath that dress of hers. Sasuke began to stroke Ino's inner thighs with one hand the other still rubbing her right breast. Sakura looked down and noticed that someone was crawling from underneath the bed.

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sasuke and ino naked
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sasuke and ino naked
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