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Naruto groaned and hissed a loud, "Dammit! The most perverse part of Sakura, Inner-Sakura, the goddess of all things perverted herself, was drooling and half dead of a figurative nosebleed. Mrfatcock 6 years ago. They kissed again, and coupled that with a more heated grinding. Finding a slight bud of flesh, Naruto rolled his middle finger around it, slowly circling the spot that made Sakura grind her teeth and her breath hitch.

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The blond teen gulped down a nervous, dry patch on the back of his tongue before he murmured softly, "What do you mean by different?

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Naruto Nude Videos

That voice he'd heard in his fantasy, it had been there. What started as a very delicate kiss between Sakura and Naruto quickly grew, Naruto maneuvered Sakura backwards until he pushed her against a tree, and his lips worked furiously against hers. The dark-haired young man was his friend, and he was a good person, but also a new rival. Even if Sakura had wanted to break off this little encounter between them which she didn'tshe wasn't sure she could persuade Naruto to stop. Despite the fact Sai had never made a move on Sakura the entire time he had been part of their team, Naruto couldn't help but wonder if Sakura liked Sai because he was so much like Sasuke.

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sakura haruno teen version naked
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sakura haruno teen version naked
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