Groundwater dating with atom trap trace analysis of 39ar

Joachim Welte made available:. Letters10, doi: The unique finding of a bark fragment and a larch needle within the ice of Schaufelferner glacier in m asl Stubai Alps, Austria allows for conventional radiocarbon dating. We examine the use of 39Ar, a noble gas radioisotope with a half-life of years, to constrain the age distribution of groundwater in this timescale range. In addition to issues relating to the sampling and interpretation of specific tracers, macroscopic dispersion and mixing in groundwater flow systems limit how precisely groundwater residence times and recharge rates may be estimated. Therefore forces beyond the limits of the scattering force are desirable. Our study paves the way for reliable radiometric dating of ancient ice in blue ice areas and margin sites where large samples are available, greatly enhancing their scientific value as archives of old ice and meteorites.

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Abundant CH4 necessitates multiple passages through one of the gas chromatographic separation columns. The histogram of all atmospheric measurements indicates a Twenty samples from three depth profiles near Cape Verde were taken, purified and analyzed in the context of this thesis. Current developmen ts on the A TT A setup, including the implementation of more elabo- A crucial problem for dating of groundwater with A TT A lies in translating a measured

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