Meeting someone off a dating site

It didn't help knowing these stories because it just made me feel worse. Hewould show me everything amd learn me his language. I now have several self esteem issues and I've considered suicide many times. I met a 71 yr old man from a dating site. I don't really understand why he even wants to keep talking to me, its obviously not working out.

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He looks sincere and friendly and we walked to the nearest coffeshop and he bought me a plus while he took a redbull.

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He'll find someone else and move on. It took nearly two weeks for me to permanently block him. He then added me and I would try to get his attention by teasing him. He first said he loves me, but it was progressive. We still chatted every now and then. WhatsApp sessions, as he never called me and whenever I tried asking more questions about his everyday stuff, he'd ignore them. But my miserable marriage was about to end and after a lot of bad luck I had experienced in my life I thought I had a chance now.

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meeting someone off a dating site
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meeting someone off a dating site
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