How can i hook up my iphone to my car speakers

An audio auxiliary cable is a type of cord connector that has an audio jack on each end that lets you connect any music-playing gadget to any electronic device that has an auxiliary port. Auxiliary inputs Over the past decade, more and more cars have come equipped with a simple auxiliary input. RF transmitters take an audio input, usually from a headphone jack, and send out a low-power radio frequency that can be picked up by your car's radio tuner. In this article, we explore your options for playing music from your phone in your car, no matter how old or new it is. Check your car owner's manual to learn how to connect an Apple device. The wikiHow Tech Team also followed the article's instructions and validated that they work. It includes advanced voice control for music playback and phone calls, while also supporting integration with some apps.

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If your car has a cassette tape player, there are adapters that mimic the shape of a cassette, and plug directly into the player, leaving the auxiliary input cable dangling out.

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How to Plug an iPad into the Car Speakers

The workaround is to unplug the iPhone's cable, then plug it back in. Video of the Day. The above options all vary in audio quality and convenience. Open the Settings app, tap "Bluetooth," then toggle Bluetooth on. This radar detector automatically crowdsources speed traps. Combined with Bluetooth or a USB cable for audio, it offers nearly the same experience.

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how can i hook up my iphone to my car speakers
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how can i hook up my iphone to my car speakers
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