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Mehhh he never said embarrassed, just didn't want to deal with being questioned, as normal people don't shove glass bottles up their asses. This, however, I watched from behind my hands while screaming like a little girl. The remainder of the video shows the man patiently trying to fish the shards of broken glass out of his asshole as the pool of blood beneath him grows larger. Makes this look like a fairy tale. Well, I can tell you one thing. Want to add to the discussion?

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This also includes screenshots of Reddit.

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How would you describe the sensation? That's a depiction of the guy's bulging hemorrhoids parenthetically stating the obvious: Novelty accounts and bots are not allowed. I've seen the girls and the cup, the Chechen soldiers sawing at their hostage's throat, cats being skinned and boiled alive in China, puppies being hurled off of cliffs. This includes posts which may incite activism, outcry, outrage or involve "injustice". Did you go to see a doctor about it?

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