Dating an insecure older man

And you stay silent and non-responsive until he does the RIGHT thing and treats you with respect and apologizes in either a voice mail or a text. They're not good at consistency though or maintaining any of this initial "flowery" behavior, which is why it's important to make a man repeatedly prove himself to you for a consistent length of time. The following week I sent him a picture of the baseball stadium where I was watching a game, sort of to tease him, because he would assume I was on a date which I wasand he called me to make sure I was coming over that night to write. And truth be told, he's a lot more comfortable in his natural role and much happier than he ever was. I hate the thought. And to whom the word hip means cool and not an emergency operation.

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OK so I have allowed it to happen but I can't undo who I am.

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The Perks—and Challenges—of Dating a Much Older Man

Anonymous March 16, at You have also given him many signals and initiated so much that he is very much aware that you're into him but he has still not taken the bait, so to speak. A man that is genuinely interested will seek you out. Other than that, time is probably the only thing you can give him. Do you think he got back with his wife in the meantime?

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dating an insecure older man
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dating an insecure older man
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