Skill based matchmaking bf4

Why get in KD when you can have 40? Egregious violations will be reported to the reddit admins. Does anyone know if it only affects when you quick match? Old Gimlet Eyes Member Nov 20, It was the best I've ever experienced because you had close matches and also the worst because of all the modding and cheating that ensued. Rule 3 No brigading. The nature of the matchmaker that we have is to just ensure that people have a fair and even playground.

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In walker and supremacy I don't know how on earth they'd ever get players balanced exactly.

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Does SW:Battlefronts skill based matchmaking work?

There's supposed to be skill based matchmaking? I think things will balance themselves out when the game releases and everyone gets access to all the equipment. Facebook Twitter Reddit Email Link. For the second part: Basically you load into a server and picks a side for you based on "skill". Extremely repetitive circlejerks may be removed at the team's discretion. I don't know either way if the matchmaking is working like they said it would, but my KD is around 1.

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