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The skinny Asians are no more in fashion, the result is impressive and the guys are adorably well fit! Tito Delray is a man with a body close to perfection. Right on the heels of Orlando Bloom's act of… Mystery meat — Beer can thick A hung stud showing off his beefy package through his tighty whities, inviting a comparison to the beer can he's… Mentally undress Adam Levine A full frontal fantasy nude of Adam Levine for anyone who wants to jump the Maroon 5 singer's bones. I see Adam Levine's penis out of his pants. Have you see British boy-toy Dean Young? Welcome Evan, you are a great and hot All-American guy.

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He is very successful in this industry by participating to runway shows, magazine editorials as well as fashion campaign all over the world.

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Male models

I think so, and I have some more pics of one of our popular guys from the month of August to share with you guys for this one. Somebody found a peach at the pumpkin patch. They are young and charming and willing to leave their relationship openly sharing with us their happiness. We all know of the amazing work photographer Rick Day produces, right? November 7, Categories:

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